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Shining Starz Jewelry and Accessories has one clear and exciting mission!! To help every woman find her Fabulousness!  We live for sparkle, fun, class, elegance and trendsetting!!


Amazing jewelry has the power to change your entire state of mind and transform your look from basic to Fierce!


If you look good, you'll feel great!


A great piece of jewelry can add magic to any outfit, whether it is a large statement necklace or a delicate bracelet, it helps tie everything together to complete your look. Shining Starz has a wide range of jewelry no matter what you are looking for, from headpieces to cuffs, necklaces to bracelets, we don’t fall short on variety. Whatever you are looking for our jewelry collection can meet your needs.


The uniqueness of our jewelry makes styling up your look easier. Each one of our pieces tell a captivating story! So whether your event is casual, corporate or red carpet, you will always be intriguing .. and, you will be a Shining Star!!


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